mina sevo

Mina Sevo was born in September of ‘69 in a small urban settlement called Sombor, located in the north of Serbia, Europe. She binds her first attempts at painting to the year of 1998, when she started making adaptations of pieces created by the great masters of Art, such as Picasso, Van Gogh and others. Their influence is still present in her paintings to this day, as well as the influence of famous pop artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Tom Fedro. Mina always knew she had talent that could flourish in this branch of art and that the colors truly are her best friends. But the real trigger that got her into painting was a serious health challenge that shook her quite a bit, and even though she didn’t know it on a conscious level, in retrospect she realized that she was healed by it. In her case, stressful situations often represented the driving force which made her pursue the search for inner peace that, in one way or another, always resulted in producing art. She began understanding just how much painting and other forms of self-expression can be psychophysically healing and that being present in the now, sitting in front of a blank canvas with a smeared paintbrush in hand, truly is her way of active meditation.
On her path of spiritual development, Mina’s painting style evolved along with her own self. After the initial phase, in which she would find a painting she resonates with most and make an adaptation of the same, by adding her own stamp to it - she gave birth to her own style. Mina continues to follow the same trend – emphasizing the neglected lines of human, and every other anatomy, which gives a sense of style and simplicity to every painting of hers. However, strong and vivid colors play a major role by flowing into each other and making the picture look playful, lively and upbeat. Black borders are of great importance as well, representing the trademark of this style that Mina calls expressionism.
The techniques she uses to paint evolved throughout the years as well. In the beginning, she worked with tempera on hard paper, shaping the motives in clean vibrant colors with her well known black contours – a detail found in every painting of hers. Nowadays, the materials she predominantly uses is acrylic, oil paint and canvas. But it’s not out of her comfort zone to experiment and combine different materials in order to see what will happen. How incompatible colors match and what chemical reactions will turn out to be when kitchen salt is, for instance, sprinkled all over the acrylic paint. Apart from painting, she makes cheerful drawings using chalk and ink on paper.
• Graduated from Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Geography
• Geography Professor and Artist
• Crafted a bond between the love for nature, travel and art