john c. mariner
Born in Redwood City, California on 10 December 1951. I was the first from our family to be born west of the Mississippi, a fact my mother insisted explained so much about me. I moved to New York at the age of ten and eventually studied art at SUNY College at Buffalo, graduating in 1974 with a BS in Education.
I then moved to Clearwater then St. Petersburg, Florida and taught art in the Pinellas County School system for 28 years. During this time I studied Computer Design at the University of South Florida in Tampa and worked as a freelance designer.
In this capacity I worked with local and national clients and expanded into web design and print production. My business, Graphic Artworks, is still active today.
In 2009 I relocated to Rochester, NY, where I have continued design work with some long-time clients and a few new ones.
I have made art throughout my life and can finally devote my full attention to it. My work borrows strongly from traditional graphic design, pastiche, and other 20th Century artistic sensibilities--only my tools have changed.
I have always been interested in numbers, letters, and symbols, and use these elements alongside popular imagery. Some have political and social leanings, though many are truly just representative of my experiences, and my observation of the collective experiences of my generation.