constance mauro
Artist Statement
My work is reflective of life experience and memories. Each monotype is created from within and will begin to develop evoking an image. I am then able to create the finished work. I hesitate to assign titles to my work. I invite the viewer to put his or her own take on the piece. Everyone views things differently and I encourage you to create your own story.
The prints are monotypes. I work with Akua water-base inks printing on Reves BFK paper. The work is produced in the studio by working on a Plexiglas plate layering one color at a time. Stencils are used to block out areas and maintain the color beneath. The ink on the plate is transferred to paper using a printing press. The process of layering allows me to create depth and dimension to the piece. Some techniques of collage are also used in my work. Each monotype is one of kind and cannot be duplicated.
My work can be seen by appointment at my studio. Contact via email at
The Hungerford
1115 E. Main Street
Rochester, NY 14609
Studio236 /Door 2