rj miller

Much of my work is done in acrylic paint and/or color pencil on canvas, paper, Masonite, or other surfaces. I also do considerable sculpture and mixed media work. My art often is quasi-representational, with human figures that are somewhat cartoon-like, somewhat surreal, and frequently with a touch of whimsy (although they generally function at other levels as well). More recently I have been devoting more attention to creating abstract paintings and sculptures. I like intense color, and I like to work on fairly large surfaces. Sometimes I begin with a simple line or curve and let it grow into whatever it wants to be, as an art piece frequently develops a mind of its own.
My art does not necessarily conform to a particular theme, although I have had some ongoing interest in illuminating the sanctimonious nature of religious pretense. Recently I also have been exploring, in both sculpture and painting, the effects of modern industry on our lives.