Here are some poems inspired by images from the artists in our gallery. Larry Berger and I came up with this idea during the opening for an art show we were participating in. Please feel free to submit yours...

lawrence berger

gabby tyrrell - tangles - the key - this is my weapon

carolyn croop

barbara stanley

poem by barbara stanley

All the Houses

The houses there, all in a row,
watch all their people come and go.
They tend the things left there, inside,
with loving arms and a touch of pride.
The houses know just what to hide
when wooden doors are opened wide.

The houses there, all in a row,
when all the street lamps are aglow,
will shield their people, safe inside,
from all the evil they've left outside,
but now and then, a house will hide
so much pain and sorrow, born of pride.

Stately houses, with painted trim,
have seen the joy and known the grim.
They've watched the people come and go,
hurried youth and the aged, slow.
They will never tell, will never show,
those secret things you'd like to know.


Each knot embraces a thought that leaves
a curve of emotion that
Memories swirling in and out
am I a rope, a flex, a term.

My spikes a test of time
a human-quality of big questions
that rest in
knots, tangles
slips into detachment.
For my mind left.

Gabby Tyrrell Performance poet/artist

poem by carolyn croop

poem by gabby tyrrell

The Key

You fight, battle ensnare
trap me where in the corner
that space that is me.

Fits into your heart
where are we now
my love
let us slip duck and dive.

Embrace, stare at sunsets
on a grey day.
My love the key
that hangs, that sits
placed on a hook.

Tells me that your hand
will reach out
for the key
to our door.

As I lie by your side
in love
for we are
a couple again.

Gabby Tyrrell Performance poet/artist poem by gabby tyrrell

This is my weapon

My weapon is man's inhumanity to man
this weapon does irk me
binds me to him.

How to give his humanity
through the care of a child,
a realization than this need
that keeps him apart lives within him.

War in all controls nothing.
A birdsong enlightens him
people love him yet through other's eyes
All Man sees in superiority.

Each animal sacrifice
cruelty is his un-doing.

Yet the love he seeks will come
the realization that
he is a mere speck of dust.
Earth a small orb in eternity.

Each kind act to others
The embraces of children and animals
Each communication reconciles
him with himself.

For he is not a king or queen
but merely a part of the universe
where love is rewarded when
peace restored fills this gap.

This is what I, woman bring him.

Gabby Tyrrell Performance poet/artist