hugo rivas
Hugo Rivas is a painter who lives in Glen Cove, New York. He is from Resbaladero, Santa Ana, El Salvador.
There is nothing greater in a free society then the expression of one's self. Hugo has spent his entire life in pursuit of this goal. This journey has not been easy. There have been many speed bumps in the road for Hugo, but these obstacles have only served to strengthen Hugo as a man and an artist.
Hugo was born 36 years ago in one of the most violent and unstable countries in the western hemisphere. San Salvador is a beautiful luscious land that's beauty is only matched by its instability and violence. The environment that Hugo found himself in did not deter him. Where many of the people around him were consumed by the violence Hugo was able to rise above his circumstances and find solace in his art. While his country was busy destroying itself in a civil war Hugo was busy creating. Perhaps it was the pain and suffering he experience during this time, including losing his sister to the war, which drove his talent and allowed him to tap into himself to produce art that conveys emotion and soul.
Hugo started painting around 14. He vividly remembers trying teach himself how to mix paints to achieve the perfect colors as a boy. He knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life painting however due to his circumstances he knew that this was a difficult dream to achieve. This never deterred him. He just continued to put one foot in front of the other and perfected his craft. It wasn't long before Hugo felt his work was good enough to be appreciated by others. Soon enough he had sold his first painting on the street for 50 pesos, and Hugo felt a rush of pride. Hugo has said that that he still feels that rush of pride when he sells a painting to this day and that there is no greater feeling in the world.
Through the pursuit of his dream Hugo has come a long way from San Salvador. Alex is now a very well-known artist in the New York area. He belongs to two art guilds on Long Island and exhibits his work all throughout the area. Alex has also had exhibits in North Carolina over the last decade. All of that being said Hugo one day dreams of returning to a peaceful San Salvador to give back to his people the only way he knows how, through his work.