the tbsh studio vision

Art should be seen by all -- and we are here to make sure yours is as visible as possible. The web has made mass consumption of media commonplace to some degree, but the problem has been in separating the bad from the good; the deceptive from the honest; the passive from the active. tbsh studio intends to give artists chances to have their work presented in a professional way without hassle, criticism, and obligation. We facilitate hosting and promotion of the site for free, charge no commission, or demand that your work be sold. All communication or transactions regarding an artist's work can be routed through their own preferred method of contact.

I have been involved in the art world for more than forty years and in many capacities. I taught art in public schools for over 28 years and have worked as a graphic designer for close to 40 years. I have created my own artwork for even longer and now, in my retirement, want to help other artists gain exposure.

Submitted work will be evaluated on its seriousness and acceptance will be given without regard to taste. We believe in free expression but do reserve the right to limit works of art with an intentionally hateful message. We are not limited in scope or type of art and are welcoming of everything from abstract expressionism to absolute realism; graphic design, illustration, and computer generated 3D images. To submit work, we ask for 6 images of your artwork, a short bio, an email address and an image of you for your page.

Send your work to :